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Episode 315: REPLAY – Exercising with Morning Sickness in Pregnancy

by Nov 28, 20230 comments

Episode 315: REPLAY – Exercising with Morning Sickness in Pregnancy

In today’s replay of episode 158, Jessie and Anita discuss specific tips to keep exercise accessible to you even with morning sickness in pregnancy!

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Show Notes 
0:55 – Strong in 20 promo

2:55 – What we are talking about today!
3:19 – Jessie and Anita’s personal experiences and some morning sickness caveats
5:04 – Why we chose to cover this subject, and considering the why behind your exercise
6:49 – Tip #1: Increase rest periods during workout time, itself
8:49 – Tip #2: Shorten the time length of the exercises or workouts you are doing
11:46 – Tip #3: Decrease exercise intensity
13:50 – Tip #4: If you can, choose the best time of day for your energy and sickness alleviation
15:21 – Tip #5: Shift your mindset around what a “good” workout is
17:20 – Tip #6: Consider if there are any beverages or foods that could help you along in the workout or look forward to afterwards
19:17 – Wrap up