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Episode 229: REPLAY – Who’s Taking Care of the Moms?

by | May 3, 2022 | 0 comments

Episode 229: REPLAY – Who’s Taking Care of the Moms?

Today’s episode is a throwback to one of our favorites: Episode 107. Anita and Jessie address Toi Marie’s recent Instagram post which posed the question: Who is taking care of the moms?

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Show Notes:

0:55 – To Pregnancy and Beyond enrolment opens soon – get on the waitlist!
2:50 – Introduction to thie replay episode
5:15 – What we are talking about today!
7:39 – Do WE feel taken care of right now in our lives?
13:45 – Another gem of a post from Toi Marie to discuss!
15:03 – Discussing the level of self-sufficiency in motherhood (inspired by a comment on Toi’s second post!)
21:24 – What to do when you need help!
22:13 – Exploring the topic of mom guilt.
29:20 – A game-changer for Jessie…
30:13 – Wrap up!