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Episode 166: Returning to Postpartum Running Part 2

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Episode 166 :  Returning to Postpartum Running Part 2


In today’s episode, Jessie answers 6 questions from our audience in part 2 of our returning to running postpartum series! Catch episode 160 for Part 1!

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Show Notes:


2:30 – What we are covering today!

5:47 – Do you need to wait longer after a caesarean birth than a vaginal birth to return to running?

9:25 – I have a stage 2 cystocele (prolapse) and have been told by my physical therapist not to run…is there any way I can get back to it safely?

12:10 – I’ve never seemed to lose weight with running – what am I doing wrong?

14:45 – I’ve considered myself to be a runner, then I got pregnant and couldn’t continue. How do I even begin running again post-pregnancy?

18:00 – I feel great during runs, but notice I get feelings of urinary urgency after my run – what’s up with this?

23:06 – How should I warm up before a run?

26:04 – Wrap up