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Episode 245: Rules-Free Conscious Parenting with Gabriela Blanco

by | Aug 9, 2022 | 0 comments

Episode 245: rules-free conscious parenting with gabriela blanco

In today’s episode, Jessie talks with Gabriela Blanco about parenting, life, taking care of ourselves and our bodies while parenting, and how it can be so vital to us being able to show up in a way we want to show up!

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Show Notes:

1:01 – Jessie’s brand new freebie: The Coach’s Guide To Leading Streamlined, Successful, and Profitable Prenatal and Postnatal Group Fitness Classes
3:05 – Jessie introduces the topic and special guest for today
4:40 – Let’s get into the work that Gabriela does to support parents!
9:27 – Gabriela discusses the approach of her course that lead to transformation
11:52 – What feels like it’s going well for Gabriela in parenting right now?
15:23 – What feels tough for Gabriela in parenting right now? (and how to process through it)
20:45 – What are some of the most common struggles parents come to Gabriela for?
24:34 – What was Gabriela’s relationship like to her body and exercise prior to baby, and how has it shifted in recent years?
32:45 – What has strength training been like for Gabriela?
35:22 – Has strength training influenced how Gabriela shows up in parenting and in the world? If so, how?
37:27 – Gabriela shares about her upcoming program she is starting to enroll in the fall!
40:02 – Wrap up