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Episode 40: Self Care Strategies

by Nov 13, 20180 comments

Episode 40: Self Care Strategies

On this week’s episode we’re looking beyond manicures and bubble baths (or not) to talk about our daily, monthly, and yearly self care efforts as moms, business owners, and partners. 

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Resources and References:

1). Postpartum Mental Health- Listen Here

2). Do Moms Get to Live a Life They Love? – Read Here. 

3). An Open Letter to Moms Stressing About Their Bodies- Read Here

4). Self Care for Moms with Young Kids (In the Real World) – Read Here


Time Stamps:

1:01 – How we are going to approach self care this episode!

2:21 – What it feels like when we notice that our self care has been less and needs to be paid attention to.

5:07 – What we do to take care of ourselves on a daily basis in the most basic way.

19:10 – What do we do less frequently to take care of ourselves that are important to us? (weekly, monthly, annually)

27:46 – Bigger picture: what is the self care stuff we do that is NOT FUN, but needs to be handled for us to be taken care of?

32:03 – What do we set boundaries around to make sure we are being taken care of, and how do we enforce those boundaries?

38:37 – Giving yourself grace

39:38 – On the next episode of To Birth and Beyond…