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Episode 41: Fear, Failure, and Feelings with Shirin Eskandani

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Episode 41: Fear, Failure, and Feelings with Shirin Eskandani


On this episode, we talk with Shirin Eskandani, a certified professional life coach accredited by the International Coach Federation and…an opera singer??

She gives us advice on breaking the pattern of worrying, teaches us what the heck manifestation is (and how to do it), and walks us through how to start becoming a Wholehearted Woman!

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Instagram: @wholeheartedcoaching




Time Stamps:


1:03 – Who is Shirin Eskandani?

8:48 – What really is a “Wholehearted Woman”?

10:00 – What are the first steps we could all take to start on that path of becoming a Wholehearted Woman?

13:20 – What does manifestation mean to Shirin, and how do we do it? + How Shirin manifested her current relationship.

18:30 – The idea behind: “We don’t make mistakes, we make discoveries.”

20:35 – How can we break this pattern of worrying, as well as the fear of not worrying?

23:37 – Failure: How can we reframe our mindset around this, so we don’t let it hold us back?

27:36 – How does Shirin talk about self-care with her clients, and what constitutes as self-care?

29:43 – How does Shirin coach someone around the guilt that might be showing up for them around self-care?

31:11 – Shirin’s ideal means of self-care.

32:28 – “We place so many conditions between ourselves and how we want to feel.” How does this often show up for people?

35:52 – Parting words from Shirin.

37:23 – On the next episode of To Birth and Beyond…