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Episode 288: Shoshana’s Birth Story

by | May 30, 2023 | 0 comments


EPISODE 288: shoshana’s birth story 

In today’s episode, Anita talks with Shoshana and reveals her birth story – of TWINS! She will share helpful information about preparing for birth (including IVF), as well as birth itself – so give it a listen, even if you aren’t preparing to birth twins!

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0:55 – Anita’s Bump to Birth method – self study!

2:52 – A brief intro to who we are talking to today – as well as what about!
4:16 – How did Shoshana feel throughout her pregnancy?
8:32 – How did Shoshana choose her IVF care provider?
10:45 – What are the different things Shoshana did to prepare for birth (including Bump to Birth method)?
12:38 – Movement-wise…what was helpful during pregnancy?
15:58 – In terms of partner preparation, how did Shoshana’s partner do? (touches on preparing for premature birth)
18:40 – How did Shoshana choose her doula?
21:35 – Shoshana shares her birth story
33:19 – When did Shoshana’s doula come into the picture, and how did she support the new family?
34:27 – How was recovery with babies in the NICU?
39:37 – Where did Shoshana find support with feeding?
42:51 – Last note to people who are preparing for birth
44:25 – Wrap up!