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Episode 259: The State of Online Business in 2023

by | Nov 8, 2022 | 0 comments


In today’s episode, Jessie talks to you – our fitness and health professionals, entrepreneur or business owner – about the state of online business as we move into 2023! Listen in for the six things JMG Fitness (as well as Coach Collective members) is using to grow and thrive during these times.
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Show Notes:

0:58 – Jessie’s Coach Collective is opening SOON for the cohort that starts in January!

3:54 – What we are talking about today!
6:11 – Tip #1: “Winging it” is not a business strategy we are going to employ in 2023
9:26 – Tip #2: Organic, transparent marketing is going to be EVERYTHING
12:45 – Tip #3: Launches, your enrollment periods, may require a longer runway to that selling time
15:28 – Tip #4: We are going to need more touch points and additional ways of being in communication with folks
18:43 – Tip #5: Go hard for your own programs, sell yourself on your own offers, get excited about what you are putting into the world
20:36 – Tip #6: Move into a more significant leadership role within your company
21:56 – Rundown and wrap up