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Episode 324: How To Stop Leaking During Strength Training

by | Jan 30, 2024 | 0 comments

Episode 324: REPLAY – How To Stop Leaking During Strength Training

In today’s episode, Jessie and Anita discuss what to do if you are leaking urine during workouts. We are going to focus on strength training, and what to do in the moment when you leak while lifting. Note: there is no shame in leaking, and there is nothing wrong with you! So, listen in as we discuss what to do in the moment, and what it all means!

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Show Notes 
0:55 – Jessie’s Strong in 20 – FREE live workout 2/13
2:05 – What we are talking about on today’s episode!
3:00 – First: Stop, take a break, take a minute.
4:04 – If you need to go one step further: add some breathing and/or mobility work to your strength training
5:39 – Hop back in and test your movement exactly as you were doing it before to test
6:54 – What to do if you retest and continue to leak – W.A.I.T.
9:55 – If W.A.I.T. doesn’t work…
12:06 – Episode recap and wrap up!