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Episode 115: Stress and Your Pelvic Floor

by | Apr 7, 2020 | 0 comments


Episode 115: Stress and Your Pelvic Floor

On today’s episode, Anita and Jessie talk about how stress affects your pelvic floor, and how you can alleviate it!

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Resources and References:

Body scan meditation with pelvic floor relaxation 

Dr. Maryska Taylor, ND Pregnancy/Birth meditation/affirmation audio track which includes flower bloom breath reminders

Video – Flower bloom breath


Time Stamps:

 4:00 – How we are doing right now – business and life changes amid COVID-19.

13:00 – What we are talking about today!

13:35 – Pelvic floor symptoms we are seeing showing up during times of great stress.

16:30 – For those who are feeling more pelvic floor symptoms: what might be happening in their bodies, lives, nervous systems to cause that?

20:05 – What we can do to help relax our pelvic floors!

31:16 – On memes circulating during this pandemic.