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Episode 338: Do You Need a Strong Pelvic Floor to Push Baby Out During Birth?

by | May 7, 2024 | 0 comments

Episode 338: Do You Need a Strong Pelvic Floor to Push Baby Out?

In today’s episode, we are busting a myth you may have heard if you have been pregnant: your pelvic floor needs to be strong in order to push your baby out! While it’s not a bad thing to have a strong pelvic floor, we discuss why it’s unnecessary for the birthing process, and go through the benefits of a strong pelvic floor – in postpartum and pregnancy! Consider this a little sneak preview to Anita’s Free Prenatal Pelvic Floor Masterclass!
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Show Notes  

1:02 – What we will be talking about today – and why it’s a myth!
1:43 – Where is the pelvic floor, and what do we need it to do?
4:15 – What your pelvic floor needs to do during birth
7:21 – One step to prepare your pelvic floor for birth: learn how to relax the pelvic floor muscles (PLUS: a walk through of the flower bloom breath with Anita!)
11:06 – What your pelvic health physio can feel when you practice the flower bloom breath
12:14 – If you are curious to learn more about the flower bloom breath, visually, join Anita’s FREE Prenatal Pelvic Floor Masterclass!
13:05 – We want our pelvic floor to be, not just strong, but flexible!
14:01 – Anita walks us through the core (canister) breath 
17:02 – Bringing the core (canister) breath into movement (and postpartum)
19:19 – What you will learn inside of Anita’s Free Prenatal Pelvic Floor Masterclass
22:20 – Episode wrap up!