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Episode 124: Black Maternal Healthcare and Reproductive Justice with Tekara Gainey

by | Jun 2, 2020 | 0 comments


Episode 124: Black maternal health and reproductive justice with tekara gainey

On this week’s replay episode, Jessie sits down with Tekara Gainey to talk about black maternal healthcare and reproductive justice. This is merely scratching the surface, so make sure to do some research and work of your own!

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Resources and References:

Instagram: @blackmoondoula


Time Stamps:

3:16 – Introduction to special guest, Tekara Gainey!

10:07 – Why Tekara’s work is radical

15:32 – Tekara speaks more about the colonized system of education and healthcare (and beyond)

23:22 – What can we do as non-birthworkers – or people who are NOT in healthcare – to support reproductive justice?

30:57 – On black maternal healthcare and racism: what does Tekara experience working in the healthcare realm? 

45:45 – Doulas can experience some difficult interactions with other healthcare professionals in hospital. What is Tekara’s experience with this?

56:20 – Where you can find more about Tekara