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Episode 93: Thin Privilege and Weight Stigma in Pregnancy

by | Nov 12, 2019 | 0 comments


Episode 93: Thin Privilege and Weight Stigma in Pregnancy

On today’s episode, Jessie and Anita talk about how societal and medical weight stigma affect the health and wellbeing of pregnant humans.

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Resources and References:

TBAB ep 50 on Plus Size Pregnancy:—Plus-Size-Pregnancy-with-Bebo-Mia


Time Stamps:

2:58 – Today we are talking about thin privilege in pregnancy, and we are going to do our best to offer as much perspective as we possibly can in this conversation. We recognize we are limited!

3:50 – What IS “thin privilege”?

5:15 – It’s time to consider/review your thoughts/assumptions of people in fat bodies!

6:06 – Jessie and Anita discuss how they were treated/commented on in smaller bodies during pregnancy.

9:39 – Let’s talk about this idea of being congratulated in pregnancy for what your body looks like.

11:45 – For your consideration: If you see a smaller pregnant person vs. a larger pregnant person, would you give the same comment you are thinking to both? Which would you give it to?

14:05 – Pregnant peoples’ concern/stress around commentary on their pregnant bodies.

15:08 – Medical care providers carry these weight and size stigmas with them as well!

15:33 – What we really want to get across with this conversation (pssst – it’s about inner work!)

16:55 – Our challenge to you!