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Episode 294: Twin Pregnancy To Rediscovering Your Athleticism, with Joelle

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Episode 294: Twin Pregnancy to Rediscovering Your Athleticism, with Joelle

In today’s episode, Jessie talks with Joelle, a participant in the To Pregnancy and Beyond program! We talk through all sorts of things related to her experience and background with sport, a twin pregnancy, birth and recovery, and how her relationship with body, exercise and food all fit into this!

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0:55 – Jessie’s NEW workshop and workout: Strong in 20!

2:56 – Jessie introduces our special guest, Joelle, from the To Pregnancy and Beyond program
3:38 – Joelle gives us a rundown of what her relationship to exercise was like throughout her life up until her pregnancy
7:51 – Joelle talks about how her parents have always been intentional with the language they used about bodies
9:40 – Joelle talks about being able to show up differently in her body in sport
10:57 – Joelle talks activity transitioning from university to career to pregnancy
14:40 – Were Joelle’s medical providers encouraging and supportive of Joelle exercising?
17:44 – The first year of postpartum recovery and returning to exercise for Joelle
25:48 – How have the last few years been following twin pregnancy – including running again
29:19 – What would Joelle say to anyone considering joining To Pregnancy and Beyond?