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Episode 248: Preparing for an Unmedicated Birth – Katelyn’s Birth Story

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Episode 248: Preparing for an unmedicated birth – katelyn’s birth story

In today’s episode, Anita talks with Katelyn, a dental hygienist, all about preparing for her first birth and her positive birth experience!

Birth stories are one of the most requested subjects for To Birth and Beyond – so be
on the lookout for more to come!

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Show Notes:

0:55 – Anita’s Bump to Birth Method self-paced course
2:51 – What we are talking about – and who with – today!
3:38 – Katelyn introduces herself
4:50 – Mentally, physically, emotionally…how was Katelyn’s pregnancy?
6:36 – What stories around pregnancy did Katelyn hear from family and friends?
7:17 – How Katelyn found Anita – her pelvic health physiotherapist
8:20 – In terms of exercise and activity, what did Katelyn find helpful and enjoy?
9:57 – How were aches and pains throughout Katelyn’s pregnancy?
10:56 – How did Katelyn prepare for birth?
12:21 – How did her preparations play a role in her birth?
15:10 – How did Katelyn’s husband prepare?
16:26 – Going over birthing options – and getting excited to give birth
18:36 – Did Katelyn listen to a variety of birth stories throughout her pregnancy?
20:39 – How Katelyn chose her type of care provider and where she gave birth
23:03 – Katelyn describes the birth center she chose
24:15 – Finn’s birth experience!
35:40 – Katelyn shares her experience with her doula
37:30 – Katelyn shares about her postpartum recovery
39:53 – What advice would Katelyn give first time birthing people?
41:00 – Wrap up!