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Episode 196: Urinary Urgency

by Sep 21, 20210 comments


Episode 196: Urinary Urgency 

In today’s episode, Anita shares some quick tips to help a common pelvic floor symptom that people can experience at any time in life: urinary urgency.

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Resources and References:


Discover 3 Tips to Help Pelvic Floor Connection in Pregnancy to Prepare for Birth
Without doing 100s of Kegels a Day


Show Notes:


0:55 – Anita’s E-Book

1:54 – What we are talking about today!

2:30 – Why does urinary urgency happen?

3:42 – Strategy #1: Retrain your brain-bladder connection

6:45 – Strategy #2: Pause and take deep breaths

7:13 – Strategy #3: Pelvic floor contractions

7:52 – Wrap up!