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Episode 255: The Necessity and Value of Having Mentors as a Fitness or Health Pro

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Episode 255: The necessity and value of having mentors as a fitness or health pro

Today, we are talking about the value and importance of having continuing mentors as a coach or clinician to evolve and grow in our work.

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Show Notes:

0:55 – Prenatal and Postnatal Fitness Specialist Academy – open for enrolment!

3:45 – What we are talking about today!
6:14 – How did Anita get started working in pelvic health?
9:17 – Did Anita know that pelvic health was a thing she could specialize in when she was in physio school?
10:30 – How things have trended towards pelvic health even since we started this podcast
11:01 – Jessie’s personal training journey to a pre/postnatal fitness specialization
12:29 – Who was Anita learning from / being mentored by in her early years?
15:50 – Respecting the responsibility that comes with working with pregnancy, postpartum, and pelvic health
16:30 – Do I really NEED another pregnancy and postpartum certification?
17:39 – One of the first applications Jessie saw of the pelvic floor in fitness – and her journey as a mentee
22:29 – One of the most amazing parts of adding prenatal and postnatal to Anita’s practice is…
23:45 – Why it’s key to learn about perinatal health from people in AND outside of our industry