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Episode 295: BEST OF TBAB – Tips to Help with Vulvar Varicosities in Pregnancy

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Episode 295: best of tbab – tips to help with vulvar varicosities in pregnancy

On today’s Best of TBAB episode (a replay of episode 143), Anita talks with special guest Chana Ross about vulvar varicosities, how to minimize symptoms and relieve discomfort in pregnancy!

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Resources and referencesAnita’s free guide: 3 Tips to Help Pelvic Floor Connection in Pregnancy to Prepare for Birth Without Doing 100s of Kegels a Day


0:55 – Intro to today’s replay episode!

1:23 – What we will be talking about today!
1:53 – Who is Chana Ross?
4:07 – What are vulvar varicosities and why do they happen?
9:36 – What do vulvar varicosities look like? What symptoms am I looking for?
14:28 – Chana shares about her own vulvar varicosity
16:42 – Help your symptoms: Ice
18:03 – Help your symptoms: Be off your feet and more aligned
20:16 – Help your symptoms: Have a ball at home
23:28 – If someone needs to be on their feet all day, what does Chana recommend for helping symptoms?
24:48 – What do Pelvic Health Physiotherapists do to help people?
29:18 – Will vulvar varicosities limit me in my movement and exercise in pregnancy?
30:39 – What would Chana say to someone who has vulvar varicosities or might have them?
31:12 – Where can people find Chana?