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Episode 286: “I’m Wary of Moms’ Groups” Why Jenna Chose To Pregnancy and Beyond

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EPISODE 286: “I’m Wary of moms’ groups” why jenna chose to pregnancy and beyond 

In today’s episode, Jessie talks with Jenna, dance teacher, personal trainer, and previous participant of To Pregnancy and Beyond, about her postpartum experience. 

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0:55 – To Pregnancy and Beyond is open for enrolment!

2:49 – Jessie introduces us to what we are talking about – and with whom – today!
3:32 – Jenna introduces herself
4:53 – On feeling pushed into the deep end with pregnancy
6:08 – What was the conversation in Jenna’s mind around whether this pregnancy was right for her? And how was the first trimester?
8:47 – What was Jenna’s physical experience like from her 2nd trimester through the end of pregnancy?
10:46 – Why did Jenna choose To Pregnancy and Beyond?
12:38 – What was Jenna’s experience like exercising throughout the whole pregnancy?
17:55 – On being wary of mom groups – and where we’ve found community
24:30 – Gratitude for one another, for TPAB, and wrap up!