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Episode 212: Yes, Your Business IS Political with Tara Abel

by | Jan 4, 2022 | 0 comments

Episode 212: Yes, Your Business IS Political with Tara Abel

Today, Jessie and Tara Abel basically hold a “state of the industry” conversation with thoughts and tips for leading with your values in business and life!

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Resources and References:

Jessie’s ‘The Coach Collective Business Mentorship’ – enrolment open (limited spots remain)!


Show Notes:


0:55 – Coach Collective Business Mentorship Program (limited spots remain!)

2:18 – Introduction to today’s guest (a three-timer to the podcast!) and what we are talking about today!

5:35 – Why Jessie chose this subject for an episode

10:20 – What does “the politics of bodies” mean in relation to coaching and fitness?

15:00 – We can NOT separate these discussions around isms from the work that we do

16:07 – Leading with your values – and shifting based on new learning

23:17 – Taking a look at who is not included in business clientele, and how to change the way we do things so they feel seen and comfortable

28:33 – Networking and relationships

30:11 – On stepping up and doing business differently