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Episode 170: Cesarean Birth Recovery – Benefits of Working with Physiotherapist and Fitness Coach

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Episode 170: Cesarean Birth Recovery – Benefits of Working with  Physiotherapist and Fitness Coach

In today’s episode, Anita and Jessie discuss what to expect – and what support to seek – at each stage of your Cesarean birth recovery journey.

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Resources and References:

Episode 7: Cesarean Birth Recovery


Show Notes:

1:01 – What we are talking about today!
1:45 – How soon to see a physiotherapist and fitness professional post-Cesarean birth
3:17 – What the typical initial physiotherapy appointment looks like
5:44 – How did Jessie feel around the 4 weeks mark (abdomen and mobility)? And supporting physical healing
9:10 – What to expect at 6 weeks out from Cesarean birth
16:10 – Beyond those 6 weeks…
19:40 – On the change in time for exercise postpartum