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Episode 301 – REPLAY: Preparing for Birth After a Traumatic Birth

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Episode 301 – REPLAY: Preparing for a Birth after a Traumatic Birth

In today’s replay of episode 215, Anita goes through different tips to prepare you and your support team for a birth following a traumatic birth.

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Resources and references


1:02 – Bump to Birth self study is open for enrollment!

3:46 – What we are talking about on today’s episode
6:10 – Birth trauma is not necessarily just about what happened during birth
6:36 – Tip #1: Debrief around previous birth
7:00 – Tip #2: Determine what professional support you feel would be helpful this time around
9:24 – Tip #3: Ask questions (around past birth and current pregnancy)
10:34 – Tip #4: Take an evidence-based program or prenatal class (or all or both!), and consider working with a pelvic health physiotherapist
11:19 – Tip #5: Learn about advocating for your preferences and understanding informed decisions
12:13 – Tip #6: Communicate with your care provider and ask to see past charts
13:45 – Tip #7: Consider having a doula this time around
16:15 – Round up and wrap up