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Episode 330: The Missing Piece in Your Birth Prep

by | Mar 12, 2024 | 0 comments

Episode 330: The Missing Piece in Your Birth Prep

In today’s episode, Anita talks about something that she goes through with her prenatal physio clients, students in Bump to Birth, and recently in her live, prenatal pelvic floor masterclass: PRACTICING! Strategies for labor, pushing, and support (for partner/birthing support persons). Now you will. Even if your birthing experience takes twists and turns, you will be informed and feel confident in asking questions to navigate those situations for a positive birth experience.

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Show Notes 

0:55 – What we are talking about today!
4:20 – Why it’s important to discover and consider multiple options and resources!
6:37 – Practice #1: Hands on strategies (with partner)
9:00 – Practice #2: Deep breathing strategies
11:08 – Practice #3: Things to listen to for focus during labour
16:22 – Practice #4: Asking questions in prenatal appointments prior to the end of pregnancy
20:55 – Episode wrap up!