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Episode 155: The Best of TBAB in 2020 and Year-End Wrap Up!

by | Dec 29, 2020 | 0 comments

Episode 155: The Best of TBAB in 2020 and Year-End Wrap Up!

In today’s episode, Jessie and Anita discuss the top 10 episodes of TBAB in 2020, as voted on by YOUR listens and feedback!

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Resources and References:

101- Prepare for postpartum during pregnancy 

102- 3 misconceptions when preparing your pelvic floor for birth 

Anita’s free ebook: 3 misconceptions when preparing your pelvic floor for birth (and what to do instead)

106- Q&A about pregnancy exercise 

107- Who’s taking care of the moms? 

110- A complete fitness plan for thriving and not surviving  

118- Postpartum exercises Q&A 

119- 3 different pregnancy, birth and postpartum experiences with Martine Chiasson 

Anita’s Bump to Birth Course to prepare you, your pelvic floor and core for birth plus get a head start on your postpartum recovery

120- Strategies to return to running 

134- How to use mobility exercise in pregnancy  

145- 10 pillars for training and treating postpartum people


Show Notes:

1:02 – Show intro

2:45 – Jumping into our Top 10 episodes of 2020!

3:05 – Episode 101: Preparing for Postpartum During Pregnancy

4:32 – Episode 102: 3 Misconceptions When Preparing Your Pelvic Floor for Birth

5:58 – Episode 106: Q&A About Pregnancy Exercise

7:44 – Episode 107: Who’s Taking Care of the Moms?

9:48 – Episode 110: Complete Fitness Plan for Thriving and Not Surviving

11:00 – Episode 118: Postpartum Exercises Q&A

12:44 – Episode 119: 3 Different Pregnancy, Birth and Postpartum Experiences with Martine Chiasson

13:58 – Episode 120: Strategies to Return to Running

16:15 – Episode 134: How to Use Mobility Exercise in Pregnancy

17:52 – Episode 145: 10 Pillars for Training and Treating Postpartum People

19:22 – Episode (and 2020) wrap up!